Happy Birthday, America!
Corvette, The All-American Sportscar

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Okay, so current models have wheels made in China, but the Chevrolet Corvette has been an American icon for six decades and if you asked car enthusiasts from outside the United States to mention an American car, the Vette would be one of the top choices. To celebrate the Fourth of July, here is the Circle of Silver Corvettes from the recent Eyes On Design show. Over a dozen cars, representing every era of Corvette history, including some very rare cars, were included. A list of the Corvettes on display at EoD is after the break.

1978 Corvette Silver Anniversary
Don Ellis
Milford MI

1963 Chevrolet Corvette
Tom Fahoome
Dryden MI

2000 Corvette
Phil Fischer
Plymouth MI

1996 Corvette
Byron Freshwater
Livonia MI

1961 Corvette Fuel Injected Big Brake
Robin Greenberg
West Bloomfield MI

1964 Corvette
Mike Hatch
Oxford MI

1967 Corvette
Mark Kozak
Bloomfield Hills MI

1954 Corvette Design Concept
Kenneth Lingenfelter
Brighton MI

1968 Corvette Convertible
Bryan McCready
Washington MI

1966 Corvette
Werner Meier
Farmington Hills MI

2011 Corvette
Werner Meier
Farmington Hills MII

1965 Corvette Sport Coupe
Vahan Nazarian
Livonia MI

1962 Corvette
John Ronayne
Plymouth MI

1969 Corvette
Jeff Salz
Bloomfield Twp MI

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Corvette, The All-American Sportscar

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