Which 3D Glasses?

While there are differences, all of the embedded viewers we use on Cars In Depth are compatible with a variety of 3D viewing systems. Most people will probably first view our site in 3D using some kind of colored lens anaglyph glasses, while others may use shutter glasses that they use in gaming or with 3D tv. While anaglyph glasses work fine in terms of 3D imagery, they do create a problem with color fidelity. In particular, since the glasses most often use red/cyan they have a problem with red images. Normally that’s not a problem but this is a car site and if you can’t reproduce red cars accurately, you’re in trouble. While shutter glasses have great color fidelity, they are also pretty expensive compared to the cardboard anaglyph glasses. Polarized glasses are reasonably priced but the displays are neither widely available nor inexpensive.

There is, though, a cost efficient solution. Loreo, a Hong Kong based company, sells a variety of 3D lenses and viewers, including one designed specifically for viewing side-by-side stereo images on a computer screen. Cheap ($2.50 plus shipping), lightweight and foldable, Loreo’s Pixi 3D Viewer works with side-by-side stereo images so you can view Cars In Depth in both vivid 3D and lifelike color, both for photographs and videos.

Click here for info on the Pixi 3D Viewer.


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