View 3D Without Glasses!

Note: This is a cross image.
Until autostereo display screens become commonplace, most people will need some kind of 3D glasses or stereo viewer to view our stereo 3D content here at Cars In Depth. However, if you don’t have any 3D glasses at all and you want to check out our stereo 3D content, you’re in luck because there actually is one traditional method of viewing 3D images that doesn’t require any glasses or autostereo display at all. It’s called the cross eyed method and it’s pretty simple. A side by side stereo image is displayed, only with the sides reversed so that what the camera on the right sees is displayed on the left and vice versa. You look at the image and cross your eyes slightly, then relax like you do when adjusting a pair of binoculars to get a stable, fused image. In this case, you’ll see third image in the middle, in 3D. Your brain should lock in on the stereo image and it should be stable enough that you can watch a slideshow or even a video. Once you have a stable 3D image fused, you can move closer or farther from the screen to find your ideal and most comfortable viewing distance. You can practice on the sample cross image of a Porsche 918 above. If my simple instructions don’t work for you, there are more detailed instructions online on using the cross eyed method here, here and here. So try it out and if you can view with the cross eyed method, you can now enjoy all of our graphic content in all of its dimensions even if you don’t have a stereo display or 3D glasses.