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“Thermal Events” In Chevy Volt Crash Testing Spur NHTSA Formal Investigation

Following a fire in a Chevy Volt battery pack that had been damaged in a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration crash test, NHTSA recently performed additional impact tests on Volt battery packs to simulate that incident. Two of the three … Continue reading

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Two Expert Perspectives on Chevy Volt Fires and Hybrid Car Safety

After reports of a North Carolina house fire that burned a Chevy Volt and a fire that broke out in a crash tested Volt at a NHTSA facility, the safety of hybrids and EVS has become an issue. MGS Tech … Continue reading

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Duke Energy Expands Warning About EV Chargers in Wake of House Fire

Though the investigation is still in its earliest stages, ABC News reports that the weekend house fire in North Carolina involving a Siemens EV charging station and a Chevy Volt has led to Duke Energy telling an additional 100 customers … Continue reading

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