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Comments on our Embroidery

We've been selling embroidered items for 6 years and have yet to have a dissatisfied customer. We've had exactly one item returned - and that was due to a flaw in the shirt, not in the embroidery. This is some of the feedback we've gotten about our work:

Just thought I would email you to let you know that I received my 2 golf shirts yesterday and they are awesome! Look and fit great!! Thanks for calling a few weeks ago to make sure that I knew they were ladies' sizes and thanks for the extra effort you and your wife made to accomodate my order!! Love them! Will be back for a Berber order in a month or so!!!!  - Judy S., Wausau, WI

Thank you, got them yesterday. Fantastic!
You can expect further orders next week! - Ethan M., Long Island, NY

Yes, I love it! Thanks so much!!! - Roger McGuinn

I take my hat off to you - Steve Kimock

Outstanding - Peter Himmelman

Hi Ronnie & Batya,
Hope your vacation was a good one. The shirts arrived, today and they
are BEAUTIFUL. Thanks so much...

Hats arrived yesterday and they are great already sold one =-). can't wait
to show the band. I'll prob be in touch for more. - Greg, Cleveland, OH

I saw the shirts at the last GAMH shows and they look GREAT!!!!!
I love that Explorer guitar of Steve's. You're doing a great job! - Patty

I love the design and the green and blue....i would love to get my hands on
a few t shirts, i think they would make a great gift item.....

I have the shirt.... THANKS - I LOVE YOUR WORK! - Alan, KY

Keep up the good work on your shirts :-))))))) - karen in foster city

By the way -------loved my tee shirt and I must get my son a
baseball hat for his birthday - Lois

They look great.

The shirt and hat and yamulka did arrive...THANK YOU SO MUCH!
That was so thoughtful for you to go through all the trouble... I absolutely love the stuff... - Joel, PA

Loved them. - Bill D., Seattle, WA

Thank you so much - Theresa Oh

I'm the proud owner of a couple of specimens of Ronnie's embroidery ...  he does great work, and if the shirts and hats are still available you really do need one. - Barry B. , MS

Anyway, yes the kippa arrived and they look great. Fantastic job...   I really, really like it and
would like to order two more from you if possible. Thanks again. - David R.

The shirts are wonderful! Thank you! And even the cap is much better than
I expected.. thank you!!!!!! =^] - Charlie D., San Francisco, CA

Towels are beautiful. Thanks so much. I hope to do business with you
again! Fondly, - Michael B. M.D., NYC, NY

Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your offer. Both the people
I ordered shirts for love them and think they're (you're) great. You did a great job. - Ellie

Got it; looks great! - Milo

hey now ronnie just got home from the hawaii shows and got the package THANK
YOU that was awsome - Kathy

Just wanted to thank you for my nifty Kamp Kimock shirt! I'm wearing it as
I type. Thanks for making the shirts and being so prompt in getting them
out. Cheers. - Pete

I received the hat and shirt today. Thanks! They look great...The
embroidery is excellent. - Kaz

I got your package today... and thanks a bunch for the
Volvo hat, which kicks ass completely! - Art C. , NYC, NY

I just had to tell you I
received the shirt and was totally blown away! Super job... - W.P, Seattle, WA

just got em in the mail they look great. - Matt S.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Christmas is saved.
Happy Holidays to you. Now you deserve a nice vacation. - Maureen

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