How to Contact Us

We can be reached via email at

We can be reached via phone at 248-632-6804

We can be reached via mail at:

25980 Raine
Oak Park, Michigan 48237

One thought on “How to Contact Us

    1. It’s actually easier to grip than a bullet mic. A Green Bullet is 63mm tall, the Harmonicaster’s main body is 59mm tall. It’s very ergonomic and fits in the hands naturally. Also, you don’t have to hold two things in one hand at the same time.

      Once the IndieGoGo campaign is over, the price will be $359.99 including a Harmonicaster, one Key Cassette in A, an adapter for 1/4″ guitar cables, and a foam padded, blow-molded case. Additional Key Cassettes are $59.99, the same price that Seydel charges for their harmonicas using the same components.

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