Key Cassettes - "What key? What key?"

Key Cassettes - "What key? What key?"

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The Harmonicaster uses what we are calling Key Cassettes.  To change keys, the cassettes can be swapped in seconds, as you can see in the video below. They look like regular harmonicas and you can used them as you would any harmonica, acoustically or with a microphone but there is nothing regular about them.

We use long lasting and bright sounding stainless steel reeds made in Germany by Seydel, along with their "German silver" reedplates, but based on an idea of world-class harmonica player (and clever inventor, too) Brendan Power, we're having Seydel assemble things in a custom way so they work with our technology.

The reedplates and combs are then shipped from Klingenthal, Saxony to Detroit. Saxony is known for its fine musical instruments. Perhaps because of the rhythm of its car factories Detroit is famous for its music, from R&B to rock, fom jazz to hip hop, Detroit has produced great musicians and great music. At The Electric Harmonica Company, we'd like to think we're part of that tradition. The harmonica components are assembled in our workshop in the Detroit area.

So you'll be able to identify the key no matter what the lighting might be, the coverplates are color-coded to the standard music education color system* and embossed with the key signature in a contrasting silver color, which can be seen when the cassette is in playing position.

Below the key signature is a layer of glow-in-the-dark plastic that backlights the lettering in the dark.

Key Cassettes are available in all standard keys, Richter tuning. Custom tunings are available upon special order, please use the contact form on the website so we can discuss your needs. We hope to offer low pitched keys soon.

* Key color Coding:

FLime Green
GTeal Green

Key Cassettes

Key Cassettes

Our Key Cassettes use Seydel stainless steel reeds, with reedplates custom configured specifically f..


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