The Electric Harmonica Company is proudly based in the Detroit area. The way the legend goes, another Detroiter, Henry Ford, supposedly said you could get the Model T in any color you wanted, as long as it was black. While it’s true that to save costs, Ford eventually made the basic T in black only, it’s also true that Henry sold plenty of red, green, and blue Model Ts.

The HarmonicasterTM comes in twelve colors. Black and silver are standard. For a slight upcharge the following colors can be special ordered: red, royal blue, yellow, white, pewter grey, light blue, gold, green, light coral, and brown. Two tone schemes will be available on special order. Standard control knobs are black, with body color or contrasting colored knobs available as an option.

Two pickup configurations are available: Lace Sensors custom wound for The Electric Harmonica Co. and voiced for harmonica, and our own Neodymatic single coils, scatterwound in our shop. We like them both. The Lace Sensors have a sweet tone with more than enough gain for club work, while the Neodymatics are a bit more aggressive in tone, and even louder. We’ll be making the dimensions of the Neodymatics available to aftermarket pickup manufacturers to further expand the Harmonicaster’s tone palette.

A treble bleed circuit is standard but you can delete it as an option.