We worked hard at making the Harmonicaster as player-friendly as we could. It’s easier to hold than a traditional microphone cupped to your harmonica, with two different positions for your hands.

The main body is 59 millimeters tall, smaller than a typical bullet mic that is 63 mm tall, with flat surfaces that are easy to grip and rounded edges shaped to naturally fit your hands.

We know that even though the Harmonicaster is a new thing, with endless new possibilities, many players will still want to use conventional technique as a starting point. Towards that end, in addition to the compact grip area of the main body we’ve also given the front of the Harmonicaster a harmonica shaped extension that lets players use a standard grip, allowing the use of traditional hand effects like wahs and flutters.

The front grip also creates the possibility of playing with two tones at the same time since you can play into a vocal microphone (or harp mic) at the same time you are playing the Harmonicaster

Contact: rokem@netzero.net