The Harmonicaster is assembled in southeastern Michigan using a combination of old school craftmanship and the latest in modern manufacturing technology. Our harmonica components are handmade in Klingenthal, Germany by Seydel, the oldest harmonica company in the world. Seydel has been handmaking harmonicas since 1847, ten years before Matthais Hohner opened up shop. Seydel’s stainless steel reeds can last up to five times as long as conventional brass reeds and have a bright, beautiful tone that has gained fans and endorsements around the world.

Our pickups are all-American, made in California, custom wound for us and voiced for harmonica by Lace Music. The list of artists who use Lace sensors is long and prestigious.

The potentiometers for the onboard volume and tone controls are made by Alpha in Taiwan and we use Orange Drop capacitors in the tone circuitry. The output connector is a classic Switchcraft 2501MP, familiar to harp players because it’s commonplace on vintage microphones. The connector and the supplied adapter for 1/4″ phono plugs found on guitar cables are both made in the U.S.A.

We 3D print the hard parts in our own shop in the Detroit area, using colorful and durable ABS. That’s what they use to make Legos. If you have concerns about putting plastic in your mouth, ABS is what most harmonica manufacturers use for their plastic combs. In our own shop we also print elastomeric gaskets and laser cut EVA foam for the mouthpiece gasket. We’re currently using 3D printing filament made by eSun in China.

Our 3D printers are made by Prusa, in the Czech Republic. Our soldering equipment is made by Pace, in the U.S.A. The diode based laser we use to cut the mouthpiece gasket was built from a kit sourced in China.