We worked very hard at getting the HarmonicasterTM as compact and as lightweight as possible, while still keeping it up to the rigors of gigging and touring.

Our benchmark for size and weight was a traditional blues harp rig consisting of a Shure 520DX “Green Bullet” microphone and a Lee Oskar harp. A Green Bullet with a Lee Oskar harmonica together weigh approximately 430 grams (depending on the vintage of the mic), and they occupy a space that is about 4 1/4″ wide by about 4 3/8″ deep. A Green Bullet is 63 millimeters tall.

Where you grip the HarmonicasterTM it is just 59mm tall so it’s actually a little bit easier to hold than a bullet mic. At it’s widest point, the HarmonicasterTM is a bit wider than a traditional harmonica, 4 3/4″, though the mouthpiece is standard width. While it’s a little bit wider than a conventional harmonica, it’s also just 4 1/4″ deep, so in general, concerning size the HarmonicasterTM has an overall footprint very close to what you are used to.

In terms of weight, a standard Lace Sensor equipped HarmonicasterTM weighs 444 grams, less than half an ounce more than a traditional rig. The HarmonicasterTM S/C is slightly heavier but is still within an ounce of a traditional rig. For comparison purposes, a Hohner Special 20 weighs 60 grams and a Lee Oskar harp weighs 66 grams. A Suzuki Promaster harp with an aluminum comb weighs 90 grams. If you are playing a diatonic with an aluminum comb or any kind of chromatic, your rig likely weighs more than The HarmonicasterTM.