We think the Harmonicaster electric harmonica is too good of an idea to just keep to ourselves, so we’re going to give it away, in a manner of speaking.

In making the Harmonicaster we’ve been helped by the maker and open source communities. To give back, we’ll be making the design of the final prototype version of the Harmonicaster available for non-commercial use, including a bill of materials and the STL files for 3D printing the parts that are not off-the-shelf. It won’t be as compact or as lightweight as the production Harmonicaster, and it won’t sound as good, because the production Harmonicaster has pickups voiced for harmonica, not electric bass, but it will work and let you experiment with the idea and hopefully make it better.

As far as commercial use goes, we have applied for a patent on the Harmonicaster, and if other businesses are interested in licensing our technology for commercial purposes, we will be offering licenses to whomever meets our technical standards and pays us a minimal licensing fee.

Contact: rokem@netzero.net