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We would be happy to personalize or customize a tallit or tefillin bag that you supply.

For personalization, we offer a wide and growing selection of beautiful Hebrew fonts that you can see by clicking here.

We can also make a custom embroidery design based on your own graphic. The art of taking a graphic image and turning it into a computerized embroidery design is called 'digitizing'.  A wide variety of logos, graphic images and even photographs can be transformed into stunning embroidery. If you have a graphic design or custom monogram that has special meaning, we can digitize the graphic and embroider it onto a tallit or tefillin bag.

Caveat!: Customer assumes all risk of damage when we are embroidering customer supplied goods.


Tallit or Tefillin Bag Personalization: $10.00

Tallit or Tefillin Bag Customization: $50.00*

Email us for details and ordering instructions.

*For designs of 25,000 or fewer stitches. If the design works out to greater than 25,000 stitches, the fee is $75.00.



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